We are not currently accepting submissions. Stay tuned for more info! 


Must be one original, unpublished, completed work centered around the given theme. 
All forms of visual art and writing are accepted for the 2017 Printed Issue.  Examples include (but are in no way limited to): 

Creative Writing
(essays, poetry, a scene, short stories, journal entries)
(series, portrait, candid, scenic, abstract, conceptual)
2-D Art
(high-resolution scans or photos of sketchbook, comics, illustrations, mural, portrait, collages, paintings, screen prints, block prints)
Graphic Design
(typography, symbols)


Oh Dear Beast celebrates work from people of all ages, gender, race, sexual orientation and spiritual beliefs. We will accept submissions from individual creators -or- collaborators. Works that pose an unfair judgment on a person or group of people will not be accepted. Any works submitted with cruel or harmful intention will not be accepted.


It scares you
You love yourself
It’s been a while
You’ve never done it
You’ve always wanted to
Your thoughts are valid
You’re brave

Why not?

                              At this time, there is no compensation for works that have been accepted.                             
All work will remain copyright of the original creator and will only be published with permission.